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Post Graduate Research / Course



Work Experience

Cognitive Development and Aging in Pet Dogs

January 2010 – Ongoing– Clever Dog Lab, Vienna, Austria

PhD Candidate

  • Currently, I am a PhD student at the University of Vienna working on a project under the supervision of Ludwig Huber, Friederike Range, and Zsofia Viranyi.

  • I am interested in how cognitive functions can influence dog-human interactions, and the influence of aging in pet dogs on individual problem solving and reasoning abilities, learning, memory and trainability, physical cognition, social attentiveness, and social cognition.

Reproductive Conflict - suppression of subordinate female reproduction in cooperatively breeding meerkats (Suricata suricatta). Analysis project, completed as part of year research assistant position.

6th November 2008 – 6th November 2009 – Kalahari Meerkat Project, Van Zylsrus, South Africa

Volunteer Research Assistant

  • Studying the behavioural ecology of a number of habituated meerkat groups as a volunteer for Cambridge University.

  • Work involving twice daily observation in the field with adlib data collection, radio tracking, GPS tracking, assisting with captures and experiments.

  • Skills gained including: habituating meerkats, data entry and analysis, use of Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Cool Edit and Map Source programs.

Social Interactions in the European Beaver (Castor fiber).

29th May – 3rd September 2006 Telemark University College Bø, Norway

Research Assistant

  • Studying the behavioural ecology of the Eurasian Beaver, assisting with PhD work of Roo Campbell for the University of Oxford.

  • Work involved daily nocturnal radio tracking and observation of habituated individuals using continuous behavioural recording, and lodge watches.

  • Assisting in live trapping of beavers from boats. Data entry and project write up.

  • Co-ordinating Volunteers. Boat operation and maintenance.

March 2004 to 2005  - Woodfall Wild Images Photographic Library – 17 Bull Lane, Denbigh

 Assistant Library Manager

  • Writing and Designing Client and Photographer Email Newsletters.

  • Selecting appropriate Transparency Images for Client use.

  • Maintaining Image Database using Capture software.

  • Scanning Transparencies and correcting scratches, and dust marks cropping for use using Adobe Photoshop 7.

  • Filing returned Transparencies.

  • Answering Telephone/email/fax enquiries. General Office Work.

  • Remounting and Labeling Transparencies.

  • Selecting Images from new submissions from Photographers.

  • Attending Picture Buyers Fair. Promoting Library to Clients and Meeting potential new photographers.

  • Redesigning and creating online Web Catalogue.

2003 to 2004  -  Atebion Recruitment – Conwy Council, The Heath, Llanfairfechan

  Highways Department - Database Administrator

  • Designing Access Database For Traffic Sensitive Roads

  • Creating appropriate Forms/Reports/Queries for Evaluation of Present Traffic Sensitive, and Non-Traffic Sensitive Roads.

  • Co-ordinating with Traffic Section regarding Traffic Flow Figures for Roads.

  • Creating Access Database of Schools, Police stations, Hospitals, Ambulance Stations, Fire Stations, Crematoriums, Nursing Homes, Football grounds, and Bus and Railway stations.

  • Creating corresponding new layers in MapInfo Professional.

  • Linking Databases.

  • Inputting Data Findings to all Databases.

  • Updating Street Gazetteer.

2003  -  Hays Personnel – Reading Borough Council, Civic Offices, Reading

  Housing and Social Services - Customer Care Officer

  • Dealing with clients/tenants via telephone/message taking

  • Word processing, including correspondence, reports, minutes etc.

  • Maintaining and assisting in the development of Tenant databases

  • Production of regular statistical returns

  • General office tasks

2000 – 2002  -  UK Wolf Conservation Trust  -  Beenham, Reading

  Wolf Curator and Education Coordinator

  • Public Tours, Lectures, Seminars, and School Visits.

  • Supervising and Training Volunteers and Work Experience Personnel.

  • Project planning and prioritising.

  • Office and Administration work. Answering queries (phone, e-mail), sending membership and adoption packs.

  • Educational displays.

  • Fundraising and PR work.

  • Wolf Photographer

  • Environmental enrichment. Maintenance and feeding, (butchering road killed deer, still born calves).

  • Wolf Handling, Training, Leash training, walking and generally socializing the wolves.

  • Grounds clearance and maintenance, mowing, gardening, painting, wolf furniture (platforms and ramps), safety fences and gates, and paths.

  • Veterinary care and Daily Wolf Log.

2000  -  Heffers Bookshop  -  Trinity St. Cambridge

  Professional Bookseller – Science Department

  • Customer Service, Book Search (computer) new and second hand.

  • Stock ordering and replenishment.

  • Helping with events, signings, theme evenings, and guest speakers.

  • Help Desk, till work, cash handling.

  • Book displays, window displays, promotions, and up selling.

1996 – 1997  -  Club Blue  -  Kingston Rd, Bath

  Bar Manager

  • Supervising staff

  • Opening, setting up, and running club.

  • Promotional, and office duties.

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Voluntary Work

May 2007– October 2008, Bryn-y-maen RSPCA, Conwy.

 Cat and Dog Voluntary Officer

  • Assisting with maintenance, feeding and veterinary care.

  • Animal handling, correcting inappropriate behaviours, (including leash training), puppy and kitten socialization, and interacting with the general public.

Dec 2006– May 2007, St David’s Dog Training, Mochdre.

 Volunteer Trainee Member

  • Pup classes: Beginners Intermediate and Advanced. Also heel work to music and agility.

  • Participated in training various members’ dogs.

Feb-Aug 1997 June-Aug 1998 June-Aug 1999 Wolf Park Battleground, Indiana USA

  Six Month Summer Wolf Internship/ Volunteer/ Assistant to Manager

  • Public Tours and Lectures.

  • Office and Administration including some accounting.

  • Photographic Behavioural Ethogram

  • Puppy mother – pup development and socialisation.

  • Maintenance and feeding, (butchering road killed deer, still born calves).

  • Veterinary Care and daily observations

  • Wolf Handling, Leash training, walking and generally socialising with the wolves.

Summer 1996, Iberian Wolf Conservation Centre, Lisbon, Portugal

  Wolf Internship

  • Wolf log, general behaviour observations.

  • Maintenance and feeding.

  • Puppy training and socialisation.

Autumn 1995, RSPCA West Hatch, West Hatch, Taunton

  Wildlife Hospital Internship

  • Assisting vet.
  • Assisting RSPCA Inspector on call out.
  • Maintenance and feeding.

Summer 1995, Bristol Zoological Gardens, Clifton, Bristol

  Summer Behavioral Internship

  • Observing two Sumatran tigers.

  • Project on behavioural interactions and stress levels.

  • Environmental enrichment.

  • Interactions with public and nearby animals.

Summer 1993/4, Sheep and Cattle Farm, Bath

  Lambing and Calving Work Experience

  • Assisting births

  • Veterinary care

  • Orphan lamb care

Summer 1992, A.W. Chivers BVSc MRCVS, Combe Down, Bath

  Veterinary Work Experience

  • Assisting Vet with consultations

  • Animal Care and Feeding

  • Some administration work

  • Viewing surgery

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Excellent communication skills

I work well as part of a team or on my own

Ability to prioritise and work to deadlines

Excellent range of IT skills, including

  • Microsoft Windows 98,
  • Microsoft Windows 98SE,
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional,
  • Microsoft XP,
  • Microsoft Office 97 and 2000
  • Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Works, FrontPage, Outlook.
  • Adobe Photoshop 7,
  • MapInfo Professional,
  • PlanView LiteGIS.

Good Managerial and Supervisory Skills

Good Clerical and Administration skills

Excellent Numeracy and Literacy Skills

Excellent Presentation Skills – I have given numerous lectures to the public, at schools, Universities, Colleges, Societies and Seminars. I have prepared PowerPoint presentations in many subjects as well as poster presentations and OHP displays.

10 years of Animal Care experience in paid, voluntary or work experience positions.

Experience in teaching and training students 16 to 18 years old.  


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Field Research

Social Interactions in the European Beaver (Castor fiber). (Thesis – Manchester Metropolitan University) 2006 – Supervisor Frank Rosell, Telemark University College, Bø, Telemark, Norway. Paper to be submitted to Journal of Animal Behaviour 2007.

Howling Frequency, Initiation and Duration in European and North American Wolves Over One Year At The Uk Wolf Centre. 2001

Behavioural Differences in Captive European and North American Wolves. 2001

European and North American wolf pup development and socialisation. Onset of howling, and social hierarchy development among littermates. Also pup integration into the pack. 1997 - 2001

A Study On Wolf Human Interaction At Wolf Park USA (Dissertation – Anglia Polytechnic University) 1999

Bird Census Techniques – Transect at Wimpole Hall, 1999

The Diversity and Abundance of Birds Along an Environmental (Vegetational) Gradient of Riverine Forest to Acacia Scrubland. Marich Pass, Kenya. 1999

The Use of Cross Species Microsatellites in Studies of Extra Pair Paternity in Parus caeruleus. 1998

Behavioural Interactions of Two Sumatran Tigers. Bristol Zoo. 1996

  Snow tracking and scat analysis in Alberta Canada. (Own study, wolves and cougar). 1995


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2002  -  Picthall & Gunzi Publishers  -  Bromley, Kent

Technical Consultancy –Wolves And Wild Dogs.

  • Check and advise on accuracy of text and illustrators drawings for above noted publication.
  • Extensive web based research.
  • Researched own existing library as well as scientific papers and journals.

2000 Ongoing  -  Wolf Specialist  -  Captive Wolf Facilities In The UK

Specialist Consultancy – Captive Wolf Behaviourist

  • Wolf Behaviour, Handling Techniques, Pup Development and Socialisation.  


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The Uk Wolf Conservation Trust Quarterly Newsletter. Regular Behavioural articles, as well as updates about the wolves at the Centre.

Wolf Biographies – 8 Page Year in the life of the wolf.

Educational Teaching Aids  – Facts about wolves for children, Interesting Wolf Facts, Wolf Quiz

Understanding the Wolf. Published in America for Wolf Park. Teacher Pack for 11 to 16 year olds.

Numerous Interviews with local news presenters, newspaper journalists and Magazine writers.

BBC Film Work – Monarch of The Glen, Documentaries, Man Meets Wolf.  


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1990 – 1994  -  Bath High  -  Lansdown, Bath

  • GCSE – English Literature and Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Music, and French.

1994 – 1996  -  Bath College  -  Union St. Bath

  • A Level – Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology.

1997–2000  -  Anglia Polytechnic University  -  Cambridge

  • BSc, Honours Animal Behaviour, Conservation and Ecology.

  • Graduated Second Class Honours Upper Degree (2:1)

  • Degree Transcript

2005–2007  -  Manchester Metropolitan University  -  Manchester

  •  MSc Animal Behaviour
  •  Degree transcript

2010–ongoing  -  University of Vienna, Austria

  • PHd - Cognitive Development and aging in the pet dog


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Reading, playing the flute, walking, horse riding, cycling, gardening, natural history, tropical fish, computers and websites, photography, traveling, keeping fit, volunteering in nature related organisations and socialising.

Attending Carnivore related Seminars, Conferences, and Talks.  

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Available on request

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Contact Details

Lisa Wallis B.Sc. M.Sc.




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